Richard Preston

Richard carries a master’s degree in architecture with a minor in Landscape Architecture from Southern Illinois University and a degree in Horticulture. Richard has spent many years in the field as a specialty Master Carpenter, Architectural Designer and Landscape Designer applying a craftsman level of design in his landscape and hardscape creations.

As a designer Richard has had his work published in local and national publications for architecture and design. As a designer Richard considers the practical and environmental impact of sustainable design and applies these principles of sustainable design to his softscape and hardscape creations.

As the former Head Curator of Wayside Garden Center Richard has designed and built many of the structures and gardens surrounding the Wayside property. From the Waterfall and Perennial gardens to many of the more modern hardscape structures surrounding the compound.

Richard enjoys his off time and spends many hours honing his gardens at his home in Macedon. Applying his sustainable practices to his love of plants, all the plants in his gardens are salvage plants, he has brought back to life. Richard as a former college athlete now enjoys competing in cross fitness and powerlifting, and when not working on his gardens or at Wayside he can be found training in one of the local gyms here in Macedon.